Children & Youth

Commitment, Excitement, Inspiration, and Active Works

Macedonia Children’s Ministry is committed to reaching and sharing with children the Gospel of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.

Macedonia Children’s Ministry is excited about helping children grow in God’s Word and experiencing the life that God has for them by accepting His love, learning, and how to apply His designed plan for them in their lives each day.

Macedonia Children’s Ministry is inspired to help each child experience God by having freedom to learn and thrive in the Word on their individual level.

Macedonia Children’s Ministry is active in serving children by sharing God’s love and showing support through positive activities such as biblical teaching, praise and worship, musicals, skits, fun activities, and hands on community outreach projects.

Children & Youth Ministry

Statements of Mission and Purpose

To present the Gospel in a way that children will not only understand it but know how to apply it to their lives through fun lessons and hands on activities. Macedonia is a church on fire for God and a place where children will experience the fullness of God’s love and learn who they are in Christ.

Macedonia Children will know who Jesus Christ is and what He has planned for their lives. They will learn how to live the abundant life He has planned for them and what do with it as they continue to grow and mature in their Christian walk. Macedonia Children will have a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and learn to turn their hearts away from the world and towards the love of God.

Goals and Values

  • To teach children how to put God first in their lives.
  • To show children how to love themselves the way the Lord loves them.
  • To help children stay submitted to God and the authority of His Word by making salvation a personal lifelong experience.
  • To instill honesty and integrity in each child.
  • To develop a teachable spirit towards those in authority.
  • To educate children on how to evangelize the lost and dying world.
  • To instill the spirit of harmony and unity through friendship and fellowship with each other.

What We Offer

This dynamic ministry spans from birth up to 6th grade and is committed to inspire our children to study and model the life of Christ. Several ministries are available for children to participate in:

  • Children’s Church offers a fun-filled, interactive environment where children are challenged to get in the Word and let the Word get in them. Although it is open to children age 2 through the 6th grade, it is divided by age groups in order to uniquely challenge children at their particular learning level. Children’s Church meets during Sunday morning worship.
  • Fulfillment Hour provides a small group environment that encourages children to discuss, ask questions, and share personal experiences. Sundays at 11:15 AM.
  • We are very proud of our nursery, where very capable parents teach and interact with infants and toddlers ages 0-24 months. All activities are designed to include early intervention. Our goal is to “Give Our Kids a Head Start!”
  • Quarterly Mission Projects allow children to put the “love of Christ” into action and experience servanthood first hand.
  • Quarterly Fellowships and the annual Children’s Retreat provide opportunity to build relationships and unity among the children and to HAVE FUN in the name of Jesus!
  • Other activities for children: Hallelujah Fest, Vacation Bible School, YUADAG track meet, the National Baptist Youth Convention, Christmas and Easter Plays.

Other Ministries where children can serve: Youth & Children Ushers, Jerry Wm. Dailey Angelic Choir, Youth Explosion, Mime and Total Praise ( praise dance teams).

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