Our First Meeting & Pastors

In that first meeting in 1938. Rev CD Polk was selected and answered the call to be the first Pastor of this great church.The members of this new Church met in homes, until the Lord blessed the members to purchase their own building in 1939. This first structure was a converted military frame building, located at Kelly Air Force Base. The need for more training area and space to house military personnel, during World War II, caused these faithful servants to move to our present location, 963 S. W. 40th Street.

After being settled in their new area, Rev Polk relocated as Pastor in Greenville. Texas and Rev. W.C. Salons became Pastor. After his tenure Rev Salone departed and Rev. L.Z. Walker accepted the call as Pastor. Rev. Walker served two years and Rev. Lawson, assisted by Rev. Prince, served as leaders until the church called Rev. LCD. Jefferson, Rev Jefferson served a year and Rev Elmo Christian; associate minister and a Son of Macedonia, served as Pastor until Rev, Roland Franklin was called in October 1965 under the direction of the Holy Spirit. Pastor Franklin served faithfully until he was called from labor to reward in June 1985.